Handy Housewives - About Us

The passion and motivation behind Handy Housewives is our value for family life. Having two young children ourselves we understand the demands of balancing work and family. We personally understand how chaotic life can be with children, work, and activities. A key to happiness is a healthy family and we believe the success of our family today will instil a strong model for our children tomorrow. So it is our vision to inspire time together and enrich family life by freeing up your time.

Handy Housewives is a professional domestic services company. Our desire is to provide you with the luxury of being able to make choices of how you would like to spend your leisure time. With our wide variety of services, we can design a package tailored to meet your family needs.

We could not pursue this passion to help families without our team. As equally as we are committed to our clients we are also equally committed to our team. Without them we could not help people in our community. We truly appreciate all that they do every day to be a blessing in each of the homes they assist in. It is important to us that our staff are treated with great respect and thankfulness for their hard work which enables you to free up your time.

- Brent and Melanie