Handy Housewives - Consumer Choice Awards Winner in 2019

Handy Housewives - Consumer Choice Award 2019

Saskatoon House Cleaning

Handy Housewives is a professional domestic services company. It is our desire to provide you with the luxury of being able to make choices of how you would like to spend your leisure time. With our wide variety of services and flexible approach we are able to provide for your family's everyday needs.

Consumer Choice Awards Winner in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021

Thank you, Saskatoon! You have once again selected Handy Housewives to receive the Consumer Choice Award for best in our class. We are pleased and proud to be deserving of such an award. A special thanks to our incredible team for their dedication to excellence in customer service.

ThreeBestRated.ca's Top Three Housecleaning Services in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021

Handy Housewives - ThreeBestRated.ca's Top Three Housecleaning Services

We at Handy Housewives are pleased and proud to be counted as one of Saskatoon's top three housecleaning services according to ThreeBestRated.ca. We hope to continue to provide top-quality service to Saskatoon residents!

Inspiring time together… enriching family life!

Residential Cleaning

Handy Housewives - Residential Cleaning
  • We provide a free personal consultation to assess your needs.
  • Management personally conducts random on-site and telephone quality checks.
  • You do not have to be at home when you receive our service; most of our clients provide us with a key.

Food Preparation

Handy Housewives - Food Preparation
  • We can wash and cut up fresh fruit and vegetables ready to eat so your fridge is stocked with healthy snacks.
  • Prepare healthy, balanced meals for the day or the entire week.
  • You choose the meals your family enjoys and we prepare the food with groceries you have on hand or choose our grocery shopping service to assist you!

Grocery Shopping

Handy Housewives - Grocery Shopping
  • You provide the grocery list and we do the shopping at your choice of a local store near you.
  • We follow your instructions carefully in regards to preferred brands and choose the best quality when selecting fruits, vegetables, and dairy for your family.
  • We use our own transportation.


Handy Housewives Services has improved the quality of life for my 77-year-old father, me, and our many visitors.

The improved cleanliness in the house provides obvious health benefits such as better air quality and disinfected services.

Having the Handy Housewives team assist with household chores has allowed us to complete tasks. Necessary tasks include booking doctor appointments, recycling, grocery shopping, and car maintenance appointments. Unnecessary "quality time" activities have included a trip to Watrous to use the mineral water pool, getting plants and flowers at a greenhouse, and visiting friends.

The staff at Handy Housewives work hard and I would highly recommend this service.

- Jim Bolstad

Meet Our Team

Handy Housewives - Meet Our Team

  • Professionally trained staff who are equally committed to help you with your household needs.
  • We send our own trusted, background-checked team to clean your home.
  • We work in a team of two or independently depending on the size of your home and the required services.
  • If you enjoy helping others by doing this kind of work, learn more about how you can join our team.

Get in Touch

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Phone: (306) 249-9567
E-mail: handyhousewives@sasktel.net