A thoughtfully prepared home improves our quality of life by nurturing our mental health, relationships, and productivity. Let us come alongside you to help you achieve a new level of rest and peace through a clean home.

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Over the past twenty years, we’ve made it our mission to give our clients back their time through thoughtfully clean and organized spaces. We’re not only cleaning homes. More importantly, we curate areas promoting rest and enriching time with family and friends.

Our Mission

When liberated from the constant demands of upkeep, we can shift our time toward more intentional and meaningful pursuits, like nurturing a healthy family life. A home is a place where legacies are crafted. With more time together, we can instill in the next generation the importance of family and community.

Handy Housewives exists to bring this freedom and vitality to the Saskatoon community.

Handy Housewives is rooted in the value of family time. Founder Melanie realized the power of a clean, organized space as she and her husband raised their young family while building careers. Melanie recognizes the life-giving benefits of a clean and well-organized home.

Inspiring time together

How it All Began

We’re always asking ourselves what we can do to free up your time and empower you to live abundantly.

As equally as we’re committed to your time, freedom, and peace, we’re dedicated to a strong and healthy team that supports your lifestyle. Our ability to create an inspiring and restful space for you depends on our team and how they are respected and empowered. Our thoughtful work throughout your home is performed in a collaborative, consistent, and kind manner.

Our Approach

Enriching your family's time together

Empowering you with the gift of time and energy

Creating a space for rest and nourishment

Approaching relationships with kindness and integrity

Providing a service of the highest quality

Here's what we're passionate about:

Our Values

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Discover renewed balance in your health, work, and relationships when your home is clean and organized to support your lifestyle.

Let's make your home a place you love to be.