To efficiently serve our clients and respect our team members’ time, we require clients to book a minimum of three hours for cleanings within the city of Saskatoon.

1. Is there a minimum number of hours required to book our services?  

We offer personalized house cleaning services on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. The frequency of service depends on your household needs and personal preference.

2. How often should I have my home cleaned?

We currently offer cleaning and organizing services within the city of Saskatoon. However, if your home is located outside of the city of Saskatoon, we may consider services if it is a good fit for you and our team. Contact us through our website or at (306) 249-9567. If we’re able to accommodate your needs, please note that there is a mileage and travel fee outside the city of Saskatoon.

3. Which areas do you service?

Please call or visit our booking page to quickly and efficiently receive an estimate based on the square footage of your home and frequency of service.

4. Can I get an estimate for cleaning services?

While we believe a clean and organized home benefits your emotional and mental health, we also care about your family’s physical health. Therefore, we provide and use non-toxic cleaning products that are also kind to the environment. We do not provide garbage bags, a toilet bowl brush and cleaner, or a vacuum. We can provide a vacuum cleaner for an additional fee if you do not own one. Please let us know during your consultation if you would like to provide any preferred cleaning solutions in addition to ours.

5. Do you provide cleaning supplies and products for regular service?

If you are booking a single cleaning rather than regular services, we provide all necessary equipment and supplies except for a vacuum cleaner. Please let us know at the time of booking if you do not own a vacuum; one can be provided for an additional fee.

6. If I am booking a one-time cleaning, will you provide cleaning supplies and equipment?

We understand that your home and family are unique. This is why we tailor our services to best serve our clients’ schedules and needs. During your initial consultation, we’ll note any special requests and incorporate those into your cleaning services so we can best free up your time and mind for more important things.

7. Can I request special tasks or extra cleaning services outside the regular scope of work?

Whether you’re busy building a career or making time for hobbies and friends, we want to support your lifestyle and free up your time. If you are not home during the scheduled servicing time, please ensure we can access your house easily. We only hire trustworthy and friendly individuals. However, if you’re more comfortable being home while we clean, we welcome you to stay. We only ask that you respect our team members’ busy schedules by giving them space to efficiently and thoroughly clean your home.

8. Do I have to be home during the time of cleaning?

If you are not home at the time of service, you can provide us with a door code if your house is equipped with keyless entry. If you do not have a keyless entry system, we require clients to provide a lockbox to access the key for entry/exit of your home.

9. How do you access my home?

Our method of cleaning and organizing is rooted in the belief that we can save our clients time by simplifying systems in their homes. Our booking process reflects this efficiency with a streamlined system for you to start enjoying a clean and organized home quickly. Go to our booking page to start the process and enjoy the freedom a professionally cleaned home offers.

10. How do I book my first cleaning appointment?

A home should not only look clean but also feel clean and safe. This is why the supplies and equipment we use to clean your home matter. We recommend a canister-style vacuum and our personal choice is Miele. If your home has bare, hard floors, it is essential to have a bare floor attachment to ensure we can perform our job properly. We do not recommend upright or stick vacuums for bare floors or stairs.

11. What vacuum cleaners do you recommend?

Your pets are part of your family. Therefore, we are happy to have them around if they are well-behaved and non-threatening to our team. However, if your pet may feel threatened to have us in your home, we ask that you kindly secure them or have them out of the house for the duration of our visit.

During your initial consultation, please let us know about your pets so we can outline the best plan for cleaning your home and making it fresh and comfortable for you and your pets.

12. What about my pets?

While we do not offer personal clothing launder services, we provide laundering of bedding and towels.

13. Do you offer laundry services?

While we provide thorough vacuuming so your home is fresh and comfortable, we do not offer professional carpet cleaning services. 

14. Will you clean my carpets?

We understand your schedule is ever-changing and unexpected things arise. However, we respect and care for our team members and their time. To protect the busy schedules of our team, we require a 48-hour notice from clients for cancellations or to reschedule services. We charge $60.00 for missed appointments if we are not notified within 48 business hours. If we arrive on the scheduled day of cleaning and cannot access your home or are turned away, the full cleaning fee will be charged. Please communicate to us at least 48 hours in advance if there is a reason we cannot perform the scheduled cleaning.

15. Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

If you are ill on a scheduled cleaning day, please notify our office by 7:45 am. We’ll do our best to reschedule your cleaning within the same week. Please help us protect our team by rescheduling services if anyone in your home is contagiously ill. Thank you!

16. What should I do if a family member or I am sick on the day of cleaning?

We aim to provide you with a consistently clean home. If you schedule weekly or biweekly cleanings, we will try to send the same team member to your house each time so that there is minimal turnover in your home. However, as we respect our team member’s schedules and vacations, and because of unexpected circumstances like illness, we cannot guarantee that you will have the same cleaner for every scheduled cleaning. Rest assured that each of our team members is trustworthy and kind, which is reflected in how they clean your home.

17. Will the same cleaners service my home each time?

If our team finishes cleaning your home in less than the estimated time, we will adjust that day’s cleaning cost to reflect the time invested. 

18. What if my appointment time takes less than I was quoted?

We have a 20lb weight limit for lifting to protect our team members. We will move small household items, dining room chairs, ottomans, etc., to provide thorough cleaning. However, if you would like an area cleaned with a heavier item or furniture, please move it before we arrive. Kindly understand that our team will not be responsible for moving it back after they clean the area.

19. Will you move furniture or household items?

The safety of our team is our primary concern. Our team members will clean whatever surfaces they can reach using a standard 2-step kitchen stool.

20. What height of surfaces will you clean?

We want to give you peace of mind by providing clean and clutter-free surfaces in your home. However, if there are high-clutter areas of your home, please let us know during your initial consultation. This way, we can customize services to address these areas, allowing us the time to provide thorough cleaning.

21. What if my home is cluttered?

To protect the health of our team, we do not provide cleaning for pet messes or anything regarding bodily fluids, including but not limited to litter boxes, pet messes, blood, feces, urine, or overflowing toilets. 

Additionally, large amounts of mold pose a safety issue for our team. We cannot clean rooms, shower areas, or walls heavily affected by mold.

We do not provide post-fumigation cleanings. If your home has been serviced for pest remediation, please ensure it is cleaned and aired out well in advance of our service to protect our team members.

If you have a question about specific cleaning needs, please call us ahead of time to ask whether it is something we can handle for you or if it should be taken care of before our visit.

22. What about pet messes, bathroom issues, mold, or pest remedy?

While we strive to provide thorough cleaning in your home, there are some household items we do not touch in order to protect your property. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Light fixtures that are unreachable with a standard 2-step kitchen stool or are electrically unsafe
  • Cloth window coverings, including blinds or drapes
  • Television screens or LCD monitors
  • Heirlooms or expensive ornaments, art, or decorations

During our regular services, we do not clean inside your washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, stove, or hood fan. However, if you would like these areas cleaned, please let us know during your consultation so we can allocate time for these items.

23. Is there anything you will not clean?

Handy Housewives is insured and bonded. Additionally, all of our employees must provide criminal background checks.

24. Is your company insured?

Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer. We also accept Mastercard and Visa payments.

1. What payment methods do you accept?

If something is not cleaned to your satisfaction, simply let us know within 24 hours after your appointment. One of our managers will visit as soon as possible to re-clean what was not performed to your satisfaction at no additional cost. We’ll note the issue and ensure it is addressed in successive cleanings.

2. What is your “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”?

Every home is unique, and we aim to provide your family with the most efficient and effective services. To accomplish this, we price your services by considering the square footage of your home, including all levels you want cleaned and any additional cleaning or laundering requests.

3. How much will my cleaning cost?

We offer services tailored to your unique needs. Before your scheduled deep clean, we’ll send a checklist for you to review, which will help us identify your current needs and how we can best meet them. Communication is critical in this process as we want to serve you best and alleviate pressure points in your home. Deep cleaning services often include wall washing, cleaning inside appliances and cabinets, washing interior windows, cleaning blinds, etc. Contact us if you have questions about specific deep cleaning needs.

4. What do deep cleaning services include?

Owner Melanie Mensch established Handy Housewives in 2003 when she saw a need in her community and knew she could build a team to address that need with excellence. We attribute our success and longevity to a ruthless dedication to client service and a healthy team environment. More than half of all companies close their doors before their fifth anniversary, and the majority close shop before their first decade. However, having been established since 2003, we are proud to be Saskatoon’s longest independent residential cleaning company!

1. How long have you been in business?

We follow strict hiring guidelines to ensure your comfort and confidence. Each of our team members is interviewed directly by the owners of Handy Housewives and must pass a criminal background check. In addition, our company is insured and bonded.

2. Can I trust who you send to my home?

Our credit card processing is PCI compliant, and your data is encrypted. This means that we cannot see your entire credit card number once it is saved on file. 

3. Is my billing and credit card information safe and secure?

If you schedule a one-time cleaning or enjoy monthly cleaning services, we require payment on the day of our visit. For our regular clients with weekly or biweekly cleanings, we offer options to pay for services monthly or as we complete each cleaning.

4. When is payment for my cleaning services due?